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Joe PerriJoe Perri

Office Phone:
(403) 247-5171 Ext 278

My name is Joe Perri and I'm with RE/MAX Mountain View. A number of years ago, I wanted to get into Real Estate. There's so many brand names out there, but RE/MAX was the one that I knew the most -- they seemed to have the biggest brand name recognition. So, I decided to interview a number of different companies, including RE/MAX, and once I narrowed it down that RE/MAX was going to be my Real Estate office of choice, I did go to a number of different offices within the city of Calgary and eventually met up and interviewed Lowell Martens. Once I met Lowell and had an opportunity to chat with him on the phone and then in person, and I saw the kind of person that he was and how he treated his staff, he was the one that I wanted to be with. The other reason for RE/MAX was -- I've been in sales for over 35 years and if you want to be the best, you have to work with the best and that's why RE/MAX was my chosen company.

So, education within RE/MAX Mountain View and what Lowell and Camil do for us as REALTORS® -- they are firm believers in education. They offer things as Brian Buffini -- different courses with them, and a number of other Real Estate trainers throughout the industry. That's one of the things they truly believe in and it helps us become stronger REALTORS®, so that we stand out among the crowd in the Real Estate industry in Calgary.

So, I work out of the Varsity Office and in there we have a strong support staff. From people answering the phones -- you don't get an answering machine -- you get people, true people talking to you and I think that's important for my clients, to hear a real voice. The conveyancing department, our support staff, everything to do with -- anything we have to do and handling accounts or contracts and people, it's all there for us. The REALTORS® that are within the office at Varsity -- there's some long-term REALTORS® in there and they're always willing to help. We all help each other. There's no one that doesn't want to share their information and wealth of education. It just continues on and on and on. It's a great place to work and it's a great place for our clients to come and have an enjoyable experience with RE/MAX.



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