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Sean CochlanSean Cochlan

Office Phone:
(403) 247-5171 Ext 01
Fax: (403)592-8094

Hi, my name is Sean Cochlan and I am a REALTOR® at the fantastic office at RE/MAX Mountain View. I would like to invite you to join our office and I'll tell you the reasons why, there's three. Camil Morley and Lowell Martens are great managers. They have an open door policy that I really like and at any time you can phone, text, email and get answers for questions that might be posing a problem. The other reason is that the technology and education are great. They are always on the cutting edge of educating us for new items and Lowell's been very involved with the Calgary Real Estate Board, so he's got answers to any problems that you might have. The other reason is that the office has got very experienced REALTORS®, up to thirty years experience and very happy to share. I just find that -- I've been there for two years -- and I probably have picked up more tips and techniques for doing my business better from many of the experienced REALTORS® in the office and they are not afraid to share. The third reason that you should join RE/MAX Mountain View is the interoffice selling. Since I've been there, I've probably sold five more listings per year, just from coming in with a really good listening and either walking down the hall and talking to some of the REALTORS®, telling them what I have or at a Monday morning meeting, standing up and pushing my listings or just having a buyer who needs something and walking around and/or putting out a flyer to the other REALTORS® in the office. That has been substantial in making my year, one of the best I've ever had for working with RE/MAX Mountain View. So, for those reasons, I ask you to join our office and I think you'll never look back and it's a fantastic place to work. Thank you.



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